A Ghost Rider Pictures Production
Written by Steven Scaffidi
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ELLEN DeGENERES talks about her connection to 11:11.  SEE VIDEO at 40 seconds into the clip.
A personal message from George Barnard, founder of the 11:11 Progress Group

To All,

Indeed, there are thousands of you on the 11:11 Progress Lists. However, there are millions worldwide being prompted with the 11:11 wake-up calls.  Your support of Steven Scaffidi’s first of a series of 11:11 movies will help bring many new seekers to the starting gates of spirituality. Thank you for your support of the 11:11 Progress Group.

George Barnard

Read more about George Barnard and Chris Maurus, founder of the blog "11:11 The Correcting Time"

* Estimates are that around 100 million people worldwide acknowledge that they are receiving the 11:11 wake up call.  
With over 60,000 current subscribers to the 11:11 Progress Group this number continues to rise every year.
"Me and my wife Rose been livin' down here on the bayou all our life.  This old bayou may seem peaceful but she ain't nothin' to mess with...just like this 11:11.  There's more to these numbers than most people realize...these numbers, they a sign from God."
- Blackie
"I tried to warn that boy..."
                   - Blackie
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At least 100 million people worldwide are prompted with the 11:11 wake-up calls. Thank you for your continued support in helping us bring this powerful story to the big screen.                                                                                           
                                                                                    - The Producers of “Midwayers”      
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